Tascam us-428 work with Cubase 6 64-bit Win 7 ??

I’ve just gotten a new computer, 64-bit Win 7 enterprise, and was pleased that my copy of Cubase 4.5.2 works fine and so does my Tascam us-428 (after a bit of prodding).

Anyone use a Tascam US-428 with Cubase 5 in the Win 7 64-bit version???

Most importantly, I’m attracted to the Pretty Good Upgrade Price to Cubase 6.

What are the odds of the Tascam US-428 working with Cubase 6 64-bit Win 7?? Anybody???

Thanks for the help…


Unlikely as I cant see any 64bit drivers for it and Tascam state that the product is discontinued and replaced by the US-144mkII

But if you got it working on a 64bit OS with C4.5then it would probably work with C6

The last version of the 32-bit drivers work fine in compatibilty mode in Win7-64 with 32-bit Cubase 4.5.2. I’m just wondering if Cubase 6 64-bit will ‘see’ the US-128…

Should be no problem. Frontier made a 64 bit driver a while back.

Go here. :slight_smile: