TASCAM US600 Interface with Cubase 10.5

Hello all. I am brand new to anything recording! I have been trying to understand the interface and what it is.

My question is: I have an older-unused Tascam US600 interface that came with CB LE5. I see that we need to buy 10.5 elements or better for support I get that (thanks MS).

Will my interface still work with the new Cubase 10.5 elements or do I need to keep buying a new interface each time there is a new version?

I wish to use my electric guitar and M-One XLR microphone to play and sing guitar.

My goal is to learn Cubase, as I am doing this for fun/hobby so to speak.

As for VST I read the wiki on what they are and am I correct: you can get neat ‘virtual instruments’ within certain levels of software?

My equipment that I own I will try to make it static under my User Name but I have to figure that out as I too am’ new to forum/social media…I am old school/older man locked down due to the world issues we face and finally will be using my equipment I bought years ago for the first time!

I appreciate your help in advance and wish all to pull out of this dilemma and we get back to a healthy way of life…cheers to all!


It seems, there is a 64-bit driver for Windows 10 available, so there is no reason, why it wouldn’t work from my point of view.