TAsioWriteHandler error

Authozation Standard Exception
“x” cannot run, becuase an error occured.
TAsioWriteHandler::write(): Retries exhausted. Socket closed by remote host or out of resources

This has been appearing suddenly, usually but not always connected with Kush plugins (Hammer is the main victim). Is it an iLok issue? I uninstalled Manager and updated to newest version to check, but still having same problem

Did you find a solution to this? I’m experiencing the same issue mostly with Kush plug ins plus a few others. Sent Steinberg support a message, but have been completely ignored!

I think it might be a subscription thing - I haven’t renewed my sub for Kush this year, and I haven’t had this happen again - even though I have full licenses for a couple of the plugins

Thanks for your reply ScherzoProd

I’ve never had a subscription to Kush, but do own a few of their plugs, also having the same issue with Relab’s LX480l. I wrote to Kush who said it was an iLok prob. iLok say it’s nothing to do with them and to contact the plug in vendors!! Steinberg have completely ignored my correspondence. A merry-go-round of abdication. It’s a nightmare, as plug ins switch off randomly during mixdowns!