TC Electronic Clarity M issue

Hello all,

I am failing at connecting my TC electronic Clarity M hardware metering via USB into Wavelab.
I’m inserting it in the Playback processing slot (allowing it beforehand in the Settings / plugin section), but then the pop up says (not connected).
Anybody ran into the same issue ?

I’ve had a TC Clarity M running on both of my systems for a few years now. No problems. Does another app have control over the USB connection preventing WaveLab to do so?

My only other idea is maybe you are using the Clarity M in 5.1 mode but WaveLab is set for stereo, or vise versa.

I just got one a month ago and working flawlessly here on Win 7.

I have the Stereo version.
Maybe I cannot use it both in cubase and WL at the same time, have to do more tests.

Sometimes I accidentally have REAPER and WaveLab open at the same time and indeed, only one DAW/host can talk to the unit at a time via USB. Close Cubase if you need to use Clarity M with WaveLab.

Thanks guys,
So I found 2 workarounds:

  1. I can insert Clarity M as an effect in Rogue Amobea SoundSource in the main output, although it’s not officially supported as they did some tests and there were some issues with this specific plugin.
    2.I just changed my audio interface for the Apollo X4 which has an SPDIF output, so it simplifies things.

Does it still not work directly in WaveLab when no other apps are connected to it via USB?