TC Embedded Broadcast WAV bug still exists in 6.06

The timestamping bug that effects film and TV composers who use Cubase still exists in the latest update. If you are working in 96kHz, after mixing down a WAV to 48kHz with an embedded timestamp, the resulting timecode in the WAV will be wrong.

I’ve just tested it using MacPro, OS 10.6.8 and Cubase 6.06.


Raise a support ticket…? Attach some test files…? Even very small ones, just to show the issue…?

Hi Puma,

thanks for the reply. The issue was raised a few versions ago and was reported for further investigation So I’m just letting the others who are affected by this issue know it’s still not fixed in this latest update.


Ah…! Ok, understood…

In that case, no offence but I’d suggest it may have been better to have simply bumped (added to) that original thread; I could have seen (read) the history for myself right there and er, not bothered posting…! :wink:

anyway, good luck…!