TC Fireworx

Hello there

I am new here

Using Cubase 7.5

Spent hours trying to buld an external instrument panel for my TC Fireworx, but without any succes :cry:

Maybe someone here have it done? Please share the .xml or a .txt patch script if you have

thank you

Btw, i just found biggest Patch Scripts collection, but the Fireworx still missing there :confused:

Browse here for your hardware

I am also looking for Korg Ambience AM8000R and Alesis Quadraverb Plus (not QV2!)

Very appreciated if you send it to

I have it setup as a external FX…

can it be used as an instrument? idk…

I have done it manually last night

Contribute you TC Fireworx and Lexicon MPX-1 Cubase patch scripts

Put it in somewhere like ‘C:\Users\vanilla\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 7.5_64\Scripts\Patchnames\inactive\other’ if you use Windows 7 and then install via Cubase Midi Device Manager

Remember to set Program Change Offset to -1 in Fireworx I/O Setup Midi tab (7.91 KB)

I have a Yamaha AN1x synth integrated into Cubase. Just downloaded the text file off that site for it.

What exactly do I do with it?

put the .txt in cubase scripts folder (user/documents/appdata/roaming/steinbeirg/scripts/iactive(, any subfolder

open midi device manager in cubase and press ‘install new instrument’ , you will see your AN1x available from the list

cubase will prepare .xml automatically and install it

make external instrument and assign Link to that new midi device you just installed

in a Midi track select midi route to that

you will see ability to select patches from Inspector window

next time you open your project the cubase automatically switch the synth to use a preset you set before

Oh right, I see what you mean now. The AN1x is already available in the list from midi device manager. But I’ve got other synths integrated into Cubase that are not so I’ll be checking out that list agin.


That site is pretty cool. I’ve got one for my Dave Smith Mopho and Korg ER-1. All I need now is one for my Novation BassStation Rack and I’m done. :sunglasses:

Thx for the script.

How are you using the Fireworx as an external instrument? - would be interesting to know how…

-I am using it as an external FX…

I fixed the script (preset names fixed and there were some presets missing) - but as it is in the externalFX slot, I cant really use it?

edit: does anybody know how to make the patchbanks visible in the externalFX insert? (I see no little cube on the bottom of the insert in the slot)
-did u check the preset references box when making this? (4.68 KB)