TC Near Control Panel

Hello, all,

has anybody succeeded to open TC Near Control Panel in Cubase 6 (64bit) on W7 64bit SP1? When I click on the “Control Panel” button in Device Setup->VST Audio System->ASIO TC Near, then simply nothing happens. However, on the same machine in Cubase 5 (32bit) it works just fine!

I thought I would make a transition to a 64bit DAW with Cubase 6 but now, after having immediately stumbled upon this very annoying issue, I’m embarrased…

Are there any happy TC Electronic audio interface users on Cubase 6 64bit?


Are you able to open the TC control panel from the start menu or program menu?

I am on Mac and the Near control panel does not open from within Cubase. I simply open it manually and it functions normally.

I think this is a problem of the TC Near control panel, as opposed to Cubase, but that’s just supposition.

EDIT: You probably installed the TC update for 64 bit Windows, but maybe it’s worth mentioning.

It’s the same situation for both Roland and Access products.

Those companies don’t (and won’t) care because they are at loathe to provide VST3 support on older products.

Yes you have to change by opening Control panel from the desktop start menu, it has never worked from inside Cubase for me, but i have only used 64 bit version, I assume it works in 32 bit cubase from what you say which is a bit of a surprise.
I really like my Konnect 24D’s sound, but driver updates are rare and often problems like this don’t get fixed in good time, this problem was the same in Cubase 5 64 bit, for me it is not a huge problem though it should be fixed.
I would post here and see if you get a reply


thank you all for the help! I have never tried it since I always thought that opening the TC Near control panel from the program menu would affect just the standalone settings (when the soundcard is used outside of a DAW). However, it really works as you suggested. Moreover, Steinberg VSTBitBridge seems to be able to cope with Fabrik C/R which is great! So, maybe the 64bit route is viable for me… :wink:

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I have always used jbridge for all my 32bit plugins, fabriks included, it has advantages over vstbridge, such as “performance mode” and a few other settings, more memory available for each plugin, and it is relatively cheap.
If you really do want to go 64 bit and start having plugin problems, crashes or excessively high latency try jbridge before returning to 32 bit, there is a free demo of it.
I wonder if TC will ever port those plugins over to 64 bit, hope so.

A demonstration version of jBridge can also be downloaded here:

Please read the included instructions for details on how to use. The demo is fully functional (including saving and loading), but it will go silent after 20 minutes.

Hello, Oscat,

thanks for the tip! :wink: Anyway, Fabrik C and R are actually the only plugins from my arsenal which haven’t been ported to 64bit yet, so maybe bridging those two will be bearable even with VSTBridge but, of course, I’m going to test it on a real project soon.

Thanks and best regards