TCP or UDP for VST Connect?


I am trying to make VST Connect work. Been changing things in my router. So far no luck. I forwarded ports 51111 to 51113.

But do I have to fill in TCP or UDP?

Another question. My router, a Technicolor 7210, gives me the possibility to fill in the ‘Service Name’ of the connection. For example BitTorrent or Counter Strike. However no possibility for Cubase or Connect Performer…Is this importantt, or is it just a name?

Thanks in advance

You don’t have to mess with your router anymore. What error message do you get?

Just video, but no sound…

Well then you have a connection and don’t need to worry about that anymore.
Try an empty project, apply menu Project/VST Connect/Create VST Connect. Make sure to have a Talkback channel in the Control Room (menu Devices/VST Connections/Studio) with your Talkback Mic assigned to the port.
“No audio”, means no audio from the Performer? Make sure he has a mic assigned to the Performer Mic channel and that that Input is selected for this channel.

Thanks man! Yes, I mean no audio from the performer. I will try to contact him tomorrownight for a session and try everything you said.

Will keep you posted!