"Tear it Down" by me :) Testing some new toys too!

A new track by me that showcases some of my new toys: Overloud TH2, Evolution Electric Bass: Rick from Orange Tree Samples, and Terry Date drum expansion for Slate 4.


Nice toys! Like the bass especially. :sunglasses:

Well played, guitar and bass sound great

Just luv heavy stuff like this !!! but sadly it becomes a little boring after a minute or so, all though I kow you said it’s a test (damn good test) the guitar work at the end sounds great and the piece may have been better as a guitar instrumental if it’s not poss to put a vox line on it…I would love to be able to knock out a backing track like this but just aint got the skill…well done :mrgreen: Kevin

Yes, good test. Bass sounds good. That’s one of the toys? What’s the guitar path? Good sound on that.