Tearing in onscreen video

Hello folks,

I just wondered - is anybody else experiencing tearing issues in N5.5 (and still in 5.5.2)? The thing is, a video that tears in Nuendo doesn’t show these artifacts in Quicktime player itself. It looks like Nuendo is using a different rendering mode?
Any input, tips etc. are highly appreciated!!

hi andrew

what is the file format of the video?
have you tried a different format?
have you tried using the video boost function?

I have same laptop as you (as you know). Also with win7 64bit.
Something changed from 5.1 to 5.5… After installing 5.5 video is screwed. No video at all in 5.5 and stuttering video in 5.1 (that used to work very fine)…

Thanks for Nuendo update I guess this laptop rendered itself useless. F**k!

Bye / Tumppi

With tearing you mean the behavior described in the wikipedia article?

@Bodo: Yes, exactly this behaviour, horizontal “stripes” due to frame changes that aren’t synced with the video output.
The weird thing - QT playback of the video is fine (in QT Video player), as is VLC player. They both seem to use a better renderer or make use of the VSync funtion of the GPU maybe? I am not a software developer so I’m just guessing here.

I remember better playback back with direct show in N4 (and QT too, IIRC).

@Max: Same issue with video boost, 100% / 75%, no difference.
Video is h264 @720p, however same issue with phjpeg with 720p and 640x360, all at 25fps.
I know my video output is working at 60hz, still other players/renderers work fine.

Does anybody know if N5 uses vsync properly?
I would try to contact support, but, to be hones, the last request wasn’t answered at all, the first one only after I mentioned the same neglective support on the forum… so I am pretty disappointed and hope for more help through the community here.
(Sad to say that the Avid support was really quick and supportive so far, with one dedicated technician troubleshooting my problems there)

@Tumppi - sorry to hear you still haven’t got it sorted :frowning:


And does anybody have a working connection to support via email? Very disappointed with the online formular, out of 3 mails 2 never received a reply, one took about 3 weeks. How do large post houses get by on tight schedules?