teaser vidio for spectralayers pro 7

the video:


it says august, so we have time, to get the money. AI is nice, i hope especially, that spectralayers as a chirurgical tool, also will be improved.

i have spectralayers pro 6, i am curious what the upgrade price will be.

Hmm… interesting to see some all new, promising (AI) technology coming. I’ll maybe even get some use out of my Elements 6 edition if I upgrade :wink:

Still, that flickering scrolling play-head display… gives me a headache… (especially, see it from 38 secs, ‘INTEGRATE’, onwards - can this not be improved at all…?)

The last bit at the end showing the multi-colored waveform - I wonder if the colored volume levels/frequencies actually do anything other than make for a colorful display? Of course, we’ll know all next month - including the upgrade price.

Will there be grace period for 7 ?

Do we have any idea if there will be an intro Price for SP7?

yes it some information about grace periods, for new users, would be welcome. it attracts customers…

and will there be a sale like last year?
or: what will be the upgrade price. (for me the question…)
the AI can be helpfull, i slowly went through this fast video, but there is new stuff, the will improve how i can work with spectralayers (mainly sounddesign, although for cubase it is also interesting for me, but mostly midi, vsti plugins and mono and stereo tracks can’t be compared, of course, or of course?).

What discount on SL were offered last year?

No mention of SpectraLayers 7 here
And checkout is still on SL v6.

Yea, I want to see what I can do on sound design experiments with SP7.
Did you have good result on sound design with SL6?

the discount last year was half price, introductory offer, also the upgrades, i didn’t buy it then.
yes good results on sound design with SL6.

even with my own strange samples, i make myself. think AI doesn’t work for most of my samples, although some samples are rhythmic, if the source is the output of a soft modular or for instance a small reason project. but it works, it works great.

EDIT: i do sometimes cleaning, especially when it comes from a smartphone, i don’t have always my field recorder with me.
that works also great, i like artefacts in samples, i use them, but sometimes you want, i want, a clean version. a smartphone, perhaps not all, adds, a strange low, could remove it easily, without touching the low needed for the end result.
a simple task, but then i have 2 versions, one with artifacts… one without artifacts… or i can use only the artifacts…
but also editing a loop, breaking it down, in layers, use some of the layers to create a new sound. breaking it down depends on what i like, magic wand, spectral (additive it is), etc.
pitch shifting/time stretching, etc.

teaser videos should be a common thing for all Steinberg products… it’s useful to know what is ahead, can plan for that.

Glad that you had made some good sound design audio with SL6.
I will give SL7 a try as some new features may be helpful for sound design.

So if we are lucky again this this year in August and get SpectraLayers 7 intro at 50% OFF, or $150 it would be great.

Meanwhile Magix Samplitude Pro X5 Suite Upgrade as a download for $182.
This should contain Sound Forge 13 and SpectraLayers 6 and a free upgrade to V7.

Got me motivated to check the most economical way to get SL7.
Would be great if Steinberg gave an intro price teaser. :slight_smile:

no intro price, for full version, but a nice upgrade price from 6 (and from elements 6…)

EDIT: i mean for the pro version, the upgrade price, i didn’t think about it… from 6 to 7.


I wonder if the hued volume levels-frequencies really do something besides make for a bright presentation.