Tech House,Electro,Lounge all made with Cubase 5

Enjoy !

I like the track “Good Love”. If you haven’t released it, you should :slight_smile:

Very nice studio gear btw.

I auditioned “1947” and liked it very much. Mix is PERFECT. I gotta ask about the trumpet: real or sample? I won’t tell.

I can do a lot of styles, but techno/electronica is one that eludes me. At first glance, techno seems fairly easy to do, but I actually think it’s quite hard to do right. You do it right.

I bookmarked the page and when I get more time I’m gonna listen to more

Thx for the comments, and yes i wil release in a week or 2 Good Love and 1947 :slight_smile:

About the trompets it’s REX samples ! :wink:



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