tech improvments with cubase uptade ?

well i still have c-5.5 but i think c-6.5 is the same with issues listed below(let me know if im wrong)
i’d like to see in comming updates/upgrade some issuues solved. like when u turnup your keyboard\controller with usb connection after cubase is already running cubase wont recognized it
when u insert/add fx etc… while playback or recording it interupte the audio.

well we can live without that but it will be very helpfull and much less anoyoing.
some other suggestions to make improvments ?

You are wrong!

the 2 issues i mentioned are solves in c 6.5 ?
didnt know that… well well :wink:

I didn’t say that.

The PDC will always cause a discontinuity because its… well PDC

are u 7 y old spit ?

u know what i ment.

Why is the op allowed to post here as he does not own C6?

Why is the op allowed to post here as he does not own C6?

:open_mouth: are u serious ? its not a nuclear site. i own a 5.5 and im very intrested to buy c-6.5 or 7 later on
and this kind of issues i mentioned for me are needed if possible.

hippo :slight_smile:

I know 7 year olds who can spell better than this.

Yes I am 7 y old, and I spit.

I know 7 year olds who can spell better than this

you are my hero

Yes I am 7 y old, and I spit.

learn good at school so u can spell as well as jaslan

but really’ i think some improvment on this regards will do better for cubase users. if reason 6 can do that there no “reason” why cubase wont. :exclamation:

Which controller? Turning up what?

Makes perfect sense. Every VST has a latency that playback needs to take into account.
Another suggestion: if you really want to start a useful discussion, change attitude.

His first point is nice, being able to rescan for midi devices that are connected after cubase is launched.
Inserting FX without a hickup while having latency compensation is impossible, it’s that easy :wink:

that’s whats make good companies great one’s, do what for others seems impossible.
cubase is my favorite DAW and its great, and to do it even better i think some sugesstions from it’s users can improve it even better.
after all we work with it and every one knows what makes its workflow faster and better.

The problem is it’s more than “seems” impossible. It is impossible. Because the audio shifts in time. You will notice that some plugins have more of a pause than others. It has to do with the latency of the plugin being used.

Think about it like this. You are playing audio. Now you add an effect that delays the audio through that effect by a millisecond. It is impossible to not have a glitch of some kind.

For your other point - see here