Tech question about firewire

I build a new daw pc with a Gigabyte Z790 AERO G (rev. 1.0) mainboard.
This mainboard has PCI Express x16 slots and M2 connectors.
Is it possible to create a firewire 400 connection by using one of these options?
Thanks in advance!!

Hi @TwanV.

I see no reason why not.PCIE is backward compatible.

Your Motherboard has two PCIEX4 slots where you can connect a PCIE FW Card to one of them.

If you are not using a dedicated GPU, then you should be able to put the FW card in the PCIEX16 slot. But I would use one of the X4 slots.

Be sure to research the FW Cards chipset for audio interfaces.

Hi Prim,
Thanks for your reply.
Yes these slots are free, but i can’t find FW card that will fit.
So I’m thinking about a M2 to pcie adapter and use that for a pcie card.

That will not work. M2 is a different thing than PCIe slots.
M2 slots are made for special Wi-Fi cards that fit into the slot, or SSD’s that can make use of the PCIe bus attached to the M2 slot.

The only solution is a PCIe card. They will fit in the x16 or x4 or x1 versions of the PCIe slots.
To find a card is hard these days, since FireWire is a legacy technology.

But there are still some models available.

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As @st10ss has stated. The PCIE Firewire 800 card, (even though the PCIE contact pins are less) , will still slot into the longer length PCIE slot on your Motherboard. You will also need a FW 400 to FW 800 Adapter Cable if the card does not have FW 400.

You can purchase these on places like Amazon and eBay.

If you go Amazon, be sure to read the user reviews to see whether the chipset is compatible with Audio Interfaces (assuming that is what you want it for). Alternatively, if you find a FW card, check the chipset against Audio Interfaces support.

I purchased a Regun Controller Card, PCI-E PCI Express FireWire 800, 1394a IEEE 1394 Controller Card (Plug & Play in Windows 10) from Amazon for £17.99 and it works perfectly fine for an EDIROL and an RME Audio Interface.

Also a Texas Instruments FW Card that works fine in Windows 11 (may need dedicated drivers) , but again, you will need to check the chipset of the card. There is a particular TI chipset that doesn’t play well with Audio Interfaces.

Make sure to install the Legacy Drivers for the Card if Windows doesn’t automatically install a driver for you, or if you are having issues.

Hi all,

I ordered a PCIe FireWire card yesterday and it came in this morning.
Put the small card in the giant slot :slight_smile: and started the pc.
Windows 10 pro installed all the drivers and my old MR816csx works!!
Thanks for your help, have a good weekend and a Happy New Year.