Technical issue

Does anybody know an email address, other then the distributors one where I can eventually solve a technical issue I’m confronting with?I already sent an email ( two weeks ago) to the corresponding distributor for my country answer.I was thinking about a more direct contact with the software developer.


Some contact info is listed in the attached link. But, have you submitted a support ticket for your registered product through your MySteinberg account? Good luck :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Hi Prock
Thanks again for your help.I already used the link above and lead me to the distributors page.Different emails for different countries.For my country (Romania) the corresponding email was the one specified in my post.So far no answer and I believe that is not the right place to write about my situation.I’m in need to send some corrupted project files for analysis and see if they can be “repaired”, in order to open them again.That’s all.

I think if I had your issue I would contact and send the files through a support request ticket which is submitted in your MySteinberg account.

Regards. :sunglasses: