Technique Add-On Shows "Doubled" In PT Lane Popup

In the screen capture below of a test I’m conducting, compare the PT Lane popup entry Technique Add-Ons for “. vb” and “. vb x-fade”.

The vb-xfade shows and works normally, only once, but the vb shows ". vb + . vb. The vb switch does not work when added to Natural but when added to Marcato it does work. I have looked carefully but can’t isolate what might be causing this. I’m hoping someone else has run into this and can help me figure it out.

The attached example file uses the VST Synchron Player, the instrument Synchron Woodwinds Flute 1.

D4 Example Of PT Lane Popup Technique Add-On Showing vb Doubled.dorico (768.0 KB)

I’m sorry that I’ve not taken the time to look in detail at your project, but is it possible that you have an issue with one or more of your techniques not being specified in a mutual exclusion group?

First of all, no apology needed. Thanks for the suggestion.

The test project only includes Natural with an included switch for no-vibrato and two add-on vibrato types, vibrato and cross-fade vibrato. The project does not contain anything mutually exlusive except the vibratos, so I created a manual exclusion group between them, and that did not change anything. Never hurts to try, but the problem seems to be elsewhere.

Thanks again, Daniel.