Techniques not applied to a new score


I can’t have the playback template apply the playing techniques from a particular endpoint configuration. Here is what I did.

  1. I created a set of playing techniques and playback techniques in a Dorico project. All was connected to an expression map. This latter was assigned to the instruments in the VSTi panel, and the expression map was included.

  2. I saved the endpoint configuration.

  3. In the Playback Template dialog, I removed the endpoint configuration from the playback technique, then added it again. I saved the playback technique.

  4. In a new Dorico project, I selected and applied the above playback template. Most of the techniques from other endpoint configurations did populate the Playing Technique panel. That particular endpoint configuration didn’t.

What may have done wrong?


When you saved the playback template that used your specific endpoint configuration, were you working on a project that actually included the referenced playing techniques?

Daniel, the playing techniques were shown in the Playing Techniques panel of the source/template project (as shown in the left part of the image). They were however not used in the score. All my template projects are blank projects, with no notes.

This only happens with this particular template, not transferring its techniques to the actual projects the containing playback template is applied to.


I’m sending the endpoint configuration for that rogue section. I can’t look inside the .doricolib file, so I don’t know if the techniques are stored there or not.


VSL VI HP Harps (Tdx).zip (210 KB)