Techno/EDM/Dance/Hybrid Orchestral writing & production with Dorico?

Are there any examples of composing and producing complete “pop dance” tracks or similar electronica/hybrid in Dorico as score (no DAW used), or is there any talk of successful projects using it for this genre? i.e. Typical EDM uses synth/sample libraries in the rack, and many parameter automations.

I previously explored this area (to reiterate: no DAW used, except perhaps for final audio mastering), and got stuck due to limitations of 3.5, and haven’t tried again in 4.5 or seen any examples of it yet in 4.5, where it should be more possible due to CC features.

For a simpler example, I attempted to add Hybrid elements into orchestral score, for score playback/review purposes, to audiate extended technique playing etc, (Hybrid means electronica VSTi mixed with Orchestral VSTi), and could not get very far with 3.5 and HALion at that time, so postponed the work.

It wasn’t until a recent 4.x update that Dorico was transmitting tempo information to the VST player, so I can’t imagine anyone had much luck with this before then. You can now trigger samples that are dependent on tempo though. I don’t work in EDM at all, but I now often use a staff in Dorico that isn’t included in the full score layout to trigger different drum samples that I’ve loaded in VEPro or Kontakt. I certainly would be curious to hear what workflow you or anyone else uses, if this type of EDM work can be now accomplished directly in Dorico.