Techno Rumble - Cubase routing?

Hey guys,

I would like to try to follow this tutorial on making Techno rumble but not sure how to achieve the routing with Cubase as the tutorial is made with Ableton Live.

From 1:18 to 4:37, Oscar, the guy how made the video explains the routing in Live. Basically he opens a midi track with the kick which will be the Dry signal, then he opens an audio track which will be the Wet signal, set the kick track as input, select Post fx and set the monitoring to In.

Can’t figure how to do that in Cubase with an Audio track? Or would this setup be the same as having my kick on an Instrument track then adding FX channels to selected channel (Kick) ? Then how to make it Mono as @2:36 ?

Would someone be so kind to enlighten me ?? Thanks for any assistance :pray: