Technophobe issues with sound

Hi all, I’ve searched the forums but in all honesty, I’m not massively tech-savvy so forgive me if this has already been dealt with previously. I’ve just downloaded the trial version of Elements and I cannot get it to output via my monitors. I usually run my monitors through a Numark Party Mix because the sound isn’t great through the USB connection. How can I configure Cubase to play sound via the built-in soundcard of the Party Mix and therefore through my Alesis M1 Active 520USB monitors? I’m getting so frustrated with spending (wasting) all my time scouring the internet for answers! Thanks in advance.

So I downloaded ASIO4ALL and still no joy. So that’s two days of my 30 day trial wasted.

Sussed it out. No need for ASIO4ALL. I ditched the party mix in favour of the direct USB connection and had to configure it in windows settings - not bad for a technophobe! Could have done without the stress, though. We never learned this sh*t at school (Apple Mac and daisy wheel printers, anyone?).