Teena Marie has died!! :( :( - RIP

Just heard that Teena Marie Died yesterday ( 26th December 2010 )!!!

She was only 54 FFS!!!

I’m gutted!! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I shall be having a night of her tunes to celebrate her greatness

Square Biz
I need Your Lovin’
Behind The groove
It Must be Magic
Lover Girl
I’m a sucker For your Love
Portuguese Love


I dug her. She was both cute and multi-talented. Only 54?


It’s weird that I never heard of her at all. RIP anyway.

I don’t think she ever made it very high on the Pop charts, but for awhile had a lot of success on the R&B charts; that’s probably why you’re not familiar with her. I’m not sure if she was ever in MTV rotation, either

I always confused Tenna Marie with the black chick who was a great drummer/percussionist that worked with Prince and also had a few hits – can’t think of HER name

It just came to me seconds after I posted – Sheila E


I always thought Sheila- E was hispanic? Her dad was mexican IIRC?

And Sheila E

Sheila E is Latino. Her father is Pete Escovedo a famous muscian in his own right. Surprised everyone isn’t familiar with Teena. She was a big crossover r&b/pop in the early eighties and the first white artist signed to Motown. This was brought up on CNN and CBS news ;I’d forgotten that.

Very few people here in the UK have heard of her. Shame. They missed out on some fantastic music and soul.

I can see that. There are always artist that seem big to me but they’re really regional to the US. I’m frequently reading about English bands in Sound on Sound that are referenced as momumental 20 years ago that I never heard of.

Even though I spent a lot of time around AFN bases in the 80’s, sorry, can’t recall this name … nice tunes though.

If I were you, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it – monuments are much smaller in the UK …