Tell Cubase to prioritize VST3 version of a plugin


Anyone know how to tell Cubase to use the VST3 version of any plugin when both versions are available?


You can make your own plugin setup in the plugin manager so Cubase will only list those plugins or versions of them you want to choose, but as far as I know, there is no way of stopping the VST 2 plugins being scanned at start-up apart from moving them out of the searched folders.

If a vst2 and 3 plugin have the same ID (not name) only the vst3 will show anyway. If a developer chooses to give them different ID’s most of the time they are not interchangeable.

Exactly. And in case of a different ID, both versions will show up.

You can save two collections, though, let’s say my_list and my_list VST3 quite easily.

– Close Cubase
– Move your VST2 folders to the desktop
– Open Cubase
– Save a collection as " ****** VST3"
– Close Cubase

– Put the VST2 folders back
– Open Cubase
– Save the collection as " ********* "

I wrote optional because if you don’t want to see the VST2 plug-ins, you can just skip saving the collection, and perhaps add manually to the VST3 collection the plugs which are VST2-only, if any.
By selecting your VST3-only collection in the Plugin Manager, you’ll get the desired result.

Makes sense Fabio. Thanks everyone.
I also discovered since my post that the VST3 plugins live under the functional categories when you drop down the plugins list on an insert eg “dynamics” or “EQ” and the manufacturer category houses the VST2 version eg “Softube” etc

Is there a way to have Cubase show both the VST2 and VST3 plugins when a developer gives them the same ID? I’d like the option of choosing between VST3 or VST2 when selecting a plugin as insert.

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