Tell me about Dorico and Cubase integration

Is there integration. If so, in terms of workflow, tell me how it can take me away from Sibelius.

My normal workflow is to write midi Mockups in Cubase. Once I’m happy I have to hard quantise everything and then go to sibelius.

Ideally being able to keep a score and a Cubase project in sync to changes in Cubase reflect the score notation would be the holy grail

This has been discussed extensively. Please search the forum for conversations

No integration at the moment, but it’s in the pipeline and will be delivered at some point in the future - no idea when. My guess is that when it arrives it will achieve what you want and quite a bit more.

This is the monster thread on the subject. Enjoy!

We need a lot of time to adjust expression maps, articulations parameters in Cubase Pro… it could be a good feature to integrate a specific « bridge » between Dorico and Cubase to easily view these adjustements directly in the score… i saw that Scire edit of cubase pro usesnote expression indicators but it’s not very interesting because note expression only works with Halion up to now, and we generally uses a lot of others libraries with others samplers…