Tell Me Tell Me

This is something I wrote and recorded a couple of years ago. Kind of an African feel.
Features Marcus Henderson on flute, Charlie Wooton on Bass and Count M’Butu on percussion.

Thats good. Did you record everything via Cubase ??

Thanks for listening. I did it on cubase 5 on PC. My interface is an mxr816x. I did all the recording and mixing in my home studio which is basically a bedroom. Used an sm7 for vocals and flute. Used sm57 on drums except for kick. Used sm52. Sm57 on my Goodsell amp. I think I used Atm450s on the congas. Bass went direct.

Very nice recording and vocals. Love the African style guitar, reminds me so much of Paul Simon and the Soweto String Quartet, I am from South Africa. Michael.

not a lot so say here apart from great performance,recording and mix.nice :smiley:

Man that feels good!

Thanks so much your comments.

I ran into the flute player today who played on this. He joined the Marshall Tucker Band a little while after this recording.

SmooOOOoooth…some nice instrumental work in there…bit of a “Paul Simon doin his African thing” feel about it…but someone’s already said that !!enjoyed it…Kevin