Tell Me True - Hall & Reasons - 2012

This is another remake of a song I did originally back in
1978 on the Hall & Reasons album, Spaceship.
Totally done in Cubase 6 with a little help from Fender guitars,
Line 6 - Ludwig drums, Roland and Toontrack.


Jack Hall :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The bits with backing vocal sounds like The Proclaimers (In a good way). Not sure about the guitar solo, it just kinda wanders round some notes but lacks any real substance or direction. Overall its a nice piece and is well put together. It works as a song and its a nice arrangement. Just a shame that the solo at the centre of it all doesnโ€™t quite work. For me at least.

Had a listen to that Beatles cover which is also on your page. Loved it. good version. You really sound like Lennon. Its a great vocal . Great choice of track.


Thanks goddfodder: The solo is played the way the original demo was
done back in 1977 of Tell me true. The 1978 record version is
on here to, but we never felt the guitar player we used
back then got it quite right. Just my opinion. Thanks for yours