Telling the difference between Vst 2 and Vst3

How can you tell the difference between VST2 and VST3 plugins in cubase 7?


I’m sorry but that is not a feature in Cubase 7 currently. If it a feature you would like to see, I would suggest posting in the forum on as that is where our developers watch for user suggestions.

In the future if you have a new technical problem, please visit Login and then submit a “Support Request Form” and a member of our team will help. Thank you.

Chris Dobbs
Steinberg US Support

Add Instrument Track, and the select instrument list will show // or /// for VST2 and VST3 resp.

Also, if you look in the Plug-in Information dialog you can see the version of the SDK that was used to build the plugins that you have on your system.

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That’s precisely the problem!.. in Cubase 7, it no longer shows those.

That’s incorrect. You’re missing the point. This is a specific cubase 7 issue. The VST type is no longer shown in C7 plug list.

In this dialog, it shows /// for all VST3 plugins and either nothing or // for all VST2, in the Add Instrument Track.
(Right click empty area in track list and choose Add Instrument Track.)

As for everyone else, in the new instrument tree view it does not show any indicators of the VST versions.

I think they actually ran out of time to implement the new Search Tree for the instrument tracks…

Thanks for posting the screenshot. I notice you are using Windows. I don’t see the list show up with VST 2 or 3 indication on the Mac. :question:

Just curious, why do you need an indicator of what is vst2 and what is vst3?

In fact, that’s not a PC vs Mac thing… That dialog for loading Instrument Tracks is still using the “old” dialog, for some reason (and is the same for me here on Mac too :wink: ). It has changed everywhere else (loading plugin FX into the Mixer, loading VSTis into the VSTi rack), so I am pretty sure it will change for loading Instrument Tracks too eventually. Hopefully, by that time, the “new look” list will have those icons back again :slight_smile:.

One reason that springs to mind, is that some 3rd-party plugins are installed both as VST2 and VST3, and it would be handy to see which one is which.

Got it. I was seeing the new dialog without the indicators because I was clicking on an instrument slot for an existing instrument track. I see the indicators and old window when I add a new instrument track.

If you use the VST instrument list you don’t get the // or /// anymore…only if you are loading an instrument track. This makes for a huge PITA when setting up VEP.

In Plugin Information, you will see a column “SDK” which will tell you the version.

Also, there is “ASIO Guard” with which not all plugins are compatible.

Thank you!! That’s exactly It. I have no idea why some people constantly refer to the plug info in window or devices.

Thanks Steinberg for putting that back into 7.0.2! Very much appreciated!