Temp Folders and File Analysis Speed on SAN

I’m looking for ways to increase the speed of file operations across multiple workstations on a SAN. One way I do this is by having a shared GPK/independent peak file folder for all workstations, which allows each user to open files without waiting for a new peak file to render.

However, running global file analysis on an hour-long 24/96 file is still quite slow on the SAN. By accident, I found that if I create a new peak file when opening the file and then run Global Analysis, it reads the file very quickly. Is there a temp folder somewhere that the Global File Analysis is reading off of? What other temp folders can I assign uniformly across workstations to speed up this process the way I have done with GPK files? Any other insights on how Global Analysis works?

Thank you.

Global Analysis does not read nor create peak files.
However, the speed is dependent on the checked options.
Especially, the true peak option is the bottleneck.
This being said, in WaveLab 9, the speed has been increased (a stereo file is processed on 2 threads, for peak analysis).