Template and Markers

Wich is the best way to save a template with my own setups?
I am tryingo to do Markers with text to do the music form with names like, Verse,Chorus, Solo, but the text its atached to a specific part of the layout and i cant move it.
Wich its the best way to do this?
The rearshal dosent work for me because its an specified leters fot each part.

Template: just set up a project as you like, then save it somewhere safe. Then the next time you need to work on a similar project, duplicate the saved file and start from there.

Markers: probably easiest to use System Text (Shift+Alt+X). You can use the Border property (in the properties panel) to put it in a box, if you like.

Great this work!

In Windows you can right-click on a file and use its Properties option to make it read only. That means that when you open it, you must save it under a new name. That makes it even more like a template file.

Is it possible that the Mac OS’s have a similar capability?