Template File conundrum

I converted a piano and voice project to a Template by deleting all the Pool files, then saving as Template. However, every time I start that template, the “missing files” screen comes up and all of the files i deleted are still in the Pool. I need some help and this occurence isn’t covered in the manual.

You have to delete the files from the trash as well. Best to make a “back up” project first so you don’t lose anything.

thanks, Pete! indeed. Thought i did.
All the best

As Blacklab pointed out, make sure the trash is empty in the pool if you did indeed trash something. But do this BEFORE you backup or duplicate your project. You should have emptied the trash from the mother project. before you copied it.

I usually duplicate my project file right from the finder; (command D) then take the duplicated file and erase everything I don’t need in the template. Make sure all track lanes are empty (except midi data that you need) make sure all audio has been “removed” from the pool by selecting “remove from pool” rather than “move to trash”.

If you delete audio from the trash in the duplicated file you’ll be hating life next time you go back to the mother project.

Once all that is sorted and I have the copied file in the exact condition that I would like the template to be I choose “create template.” from the file menu.

Hope that helps

Thanks, Stevont.
All good advice. Why can’t they write Manuals like this?