Template for Cremona String Quartet by eInstruments

I’m wondering, is there anybody who has or can help me in making a playback template for the Cremona String Quartet by e-instruments for Kontakt6?

Or where and how should I start with building it by myself?

Thanks for your time.

Thread on cremona quartet playback
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Hi @Dennisqn,
There is already an existing and full Playback Template + Expression Maps for
Cremona Quartet created by me:

So, you could just download it and use it.
Still I didn’t have time to upgrade the template to meet the possibilities of the newest Cremona Quartet version (all articulations in a single library patch).

You may need VE Pro in order to run the Instrument Template created by me, but you could replicate the settings and host the instruments inside Dorico. Just follow the README document. :slight_smile:
Personally I recommend the hosting in VE Pro + Decouple Function activated, because the library is quite big, takes around 34GB of RAM. The saved project file will be very big if the instruments are hosted in Dorico, and during the autosave it will take time, too. Of time for loading and unloading the instrument template, too. :slight_smile:

Here is an update of the Expression Maps:

I did my best to cover any possible playing articulation and combinations within the limitations of the Library and Dorico. :slight_smile:

Best regards,

P.S: @Dennisqn , instead of creating Expression Maps sets and Playback Templates, that already exist, I would recommend you to learn from them how they were built and focus your attention on creating E.Ms and P.T. for libraries that are not available yet here. :slight_smile:


Wow, thanks so much for your reply and of course the making of the template.

I will see how I get along with it. Maybe I will need your help :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



Timely question, as I just spent a few hours yesterday revising my own expression map for CSQ. One thing I learned vs. my first version is to make more use of the note length conditions to map to different slots.

So for example, instead of just one mapping of Staccato in Dorico to Staccato in CSQ, I did something like:

Staccato Long - Note Length >= Long - Staccato
Staccato Medium - Note Length == Medium - Spiccato
Staccato Short - Note Length == Short - Spiccatissimo
Staccato Very Short - Note Length == Very Short - Sautillé Single

This made a big improvement!

My map is note yet as complete as the one Thurisaz made (thanks again, I learned a lot from it!) but it does use Kontakt and the latest version of CSQ with 32 slots per instrument. When the Scorico site is up, I can share the map & a demo file.


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