Template question

I want to be able to save much more time in my workflow. In all of my productions I am using about 16 tracks consisting of Midi and audio

If I take one project and delete the data on all of the tracks I would be left with just the instruments and vst plugins.

Can I then convert - save the original project name into a template and use it for future projects by filling it in and save it under a different name.

What would be the best approach? My G: drive is where all of my projects can be located


Alan Russell

Of course, this is the preferred method.

Sure, that’s why templates are made for. They are saved in a specific folder and available each time you use the File > New project command.

Thank you!

Just to extra clear, you’d do this using the command File>Save As Template…

Yes - once I establish it as a template I start filling in the tracks and then save it as a cubase file of course in a different folder that I pre-set up

Is that correct?


  1. Set up your project in the way you want it to be
  2. menu File → Save As Template
  3. In the save dialog, chose a Category; this will determin in whihc category you will find your template later

You just have to make sure that any new project you start has new audio files saved in an audio folder in the correct project folder.

When I start new projects in Nuendo I choose the template in the HUB and it will ask me to specify a folder and at that stage I either create a new folder or choose one I created earlier - but it has to be a folder that’s different from the templates folder.

That’s the one thing you need to keep track of to avoid having new audio saved in your template folder.

My template only contains the names of the tracks there is no audio data
I have already created my next project using the template as the basis and when data was injected the project got saved under a different name.

Just make 110% sure you have an empty pool when you save as template. Otherwise you are in for a world of pain.

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+1 !
Good Advice.

An empty pool?- meaning no data on the tracks of the saved TEMPlate?

If you have audio files in your Audio Pool, they will get saved with your template as well.
If you don’t need any audio files in your template(s), just remember to empty it out before saving the template.

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No data on tracks is NOT enough. You might still have audio files in your pool. If you later use that template for a new song and do a “remove unused files>delete” then you risk deleting audio used in other projects by mistake. Not fun.

I see the name of my template on my HUB

I click it and it asks me for a folder. I create a different folder name

I check the audio folder there is nothing in there

Now I assume I can proceed by adding data to the tracks and then save the entire project under a different name.

Does this sound correct?

All audio of your Cubase project, be it recorded or imported, is accessible from your Audio Pool.
(Keyboard shortcut for opening the Audio Pool is Ctrl/Cmd-P.)

Just checking the file folder might not be enough since there can be audio files in a Cubase project that resides in locations other than the designated project audio folder.
For example, if you import an audio file into your project you will get asked if you want to copy the file to your audio folder or not. If you do not want another copy of that file and answer “No”, that file can still be found in your Audio Pool since the Cubase project is referencing it. You may or may not want that reference in your template, it is up to you. Just keep in mind that the Audio Pool is saved with the template. That’s all.

Are you aware the audio pool functionality? If not, have a quick look. It’s an important part of the program to be familiar with.