Template Setup with EastWest PLAY

Hi all,

I have recently been trying to set up a template for orchestral writing using EastWest sample libraries in the PLAY engine. I am using the ‘Hollywood’ series of instruments which do not include master keyswitch patches. I did a project a little while ago where I simply made a new midi track for each articulation but when it came time to write the score I had to spend a chunk of time merging systems in my notation software. To avoid this, and also just for ease of writing, I really want to have 1 midi track per instrument and then change the articulations via a keyswitch or automation of some sort. Ideally, (in a perfect world), Cubase would have the ability to automate midi channel changes. I have tried transMIDIfier but it requires Midi Over Lan (or a similar software) and the trial version of MoL was sending out sporadic midi notes. I admit this could be user error but either way I am not in a position to fish out $80 for a midi solution. Does anyone know of any plug-in that may do a similar thing?

I have been strongly considering Vienna Ensemble (for more reasons than just this) but it would have to wait until I can find the money for it.

Any suggestions are much appreciated!

Thanks all :slight_smile:

Have you looked into note expression? I think thats what your looking for

VST expression map is what you need.

See this quick tutorial for ideas:


Great thanks guys I’ll give that a look later on!

Yeah , meant to say expression maps. I’m the same way, I like one track per instrument. The expression maps make it so easy to do.

On Steinberg’s site they have the maps for the East West stuff, although may you want to change some of the attribute settings.


Oh nice! I set up my own map last night with a couple simple articulations. I can’t believe I didn’t know that existed before! Thanks so much guys this is exactly what I was looking for! :slight_smile: I’ll check out the steinberg presets later and see what they did but I’m just excited to be able to make my template now!

Doesn’t this not exactly work well with PLAY since it only allows up to 16 channels, and there are dozens of articulations that go into one instrument?

I guess you can use group channel to add more articulations. Never had the experience though!