Template too large to expect a low latency solution?

Hello. I have a rather large film scoring template set up with Cubase and VEPro. My specs are:

Mac Pro 5,1
OSX Yosemite 10.10.5
128 GB Ram
4 SSD sample drives (6Gb OWC Mercury Extreme Pro) in USB 3 enclosures connected via USB 3 PCI cards
Cubase 8.5.2
Vienna Ensemble Pro 6.0.15264
Profire 610

My template size is about 80 GB loaded in to ram (I have Kontakt’s preload buffer size set to the maximum, 240 kb). With this template in Cubase, I cannot compose at a buffer size lower than 1024 without getting pops and clicks. I have a drum controller which I would like to use for recording performances, as well as a weighted keyboard which I prefer to use for recording certain piano performances. This is just not possible at my current buffer size.

I watched the video about real time performance vs. CPU performance in the thread stickied at the top of this forum, and I am led to believe the bottleneck in my system is my Profire 610, whose drivers have not been updated by m-audio since 2014.

However, before I go and buy an RME interface (which I’ve read is an excellent choice for low latency performance), I want to make sure that it would actually make a noticeable difference in my ability to record midi performances at a relatively low latency (128-256) with my current template.

Is my template just too large to get a noticeable performance difference with a newer audio interface, or should I go ahead and get the RME to achieve lower latency midi performance without the pops and clicks?

Thanks for your input.

And do you really expect to get a meaningful answer to that question on an internet forum, with nobody knowing anything about your template?


My apologies, I thought I had supplied enough relevant information about my setup. What specifics would you need in order to make an informed recommendation?

I don´t think, anyone can make an informed recommendation. Yes, you probably will see a better low latency performance with an RME interface, but I doubt it will be a 128 sample buffersizem if it is now 1024 samples. Apart from that, there is a plethora of RME interfaces.
I guess, your only chance to know for sure, will be to order one and if it doesn´t do what you expect send it back.

Why don’t use apollo from UAD, you can stay at 1024 or more and have very low latency (1ms to 2ms) with UAD hardware for recording your audio or your midi (using the virtual channel) !

I use a apollo Twin USB and I’m at 1024 latency in Cubase (which is not usable with other audio interface) and record without latency my audio and virtual instrument…

I presume you’re trying to get lower latency to play in vsti’s rather than recording? As you already use VEPRO why don’t you just add a PC slave and dump a large part of your template onto that? You won’t need an audio interface or midi interface and you should get very low latency with that if it’s all connected up properly. A pcie RME interface would improve the latency figures on your Mac but a PC slave would make the most difference.