Templates from 7.5: Move 'em or trash 'em going to 8.5?

Hello -

Am I only asking for problems if I don’t rebuild my templates from scratch in 8.5, or would the 7.5-generated templates play nicely in 8.5?

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The Project Templates are just a common Cubase projects, which are stored in the dedicated folder. As other Cubase 7.5 projects can be opened in Cubase 8.5, also templates will work without any problem.

Great news, thanks. I’d read that (for earlier versions) there were often problems continuing projects in Cubase 8.0 if they had been started in Cubase 7.5. It sounds like you’re saying, that isn’t the situation moving from 7.5 to 8.5?

Getting closer to activating my 8.5.20, so I thought I’d ask again here - no problems moving a project from 7.5.40 to 8.5.20 (the project in this case being a template)?

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I have successfully opened projects in 8.5.2 from Cubase 5 so I wouldn’t expect 7 should be an issue :smiley:

If there were differences in plugins installed then Cubase was able to let me know which and where the missing plugins should have been. Quite painless.

Thanks much. I wonder what the reason was for the cautions about problems when opening an old project in a new Cubase version …