Templates - Pro 8.5 to Pro 9

New to Cubase and just started with 8.5. Probably a very basic question, will my templates transfer over to 9 after upgrade? I’ve just completed a rather large one and don’t want to have start all over again.

Thanks in advance!

Mine didn’t - Looking for fix.

mine did

It left mine in the 8.5 AppData/Roaming folder - I copied across to 9 AppData/Roaming folder and all seems fine.

I make it a practice to save every template I make as a regular Cubase project (cpr) file. I edit that project until it’s what I want and then use it to create a Template. This gives me a backup (plus another on the disk backup) in case things go bad. It also makes it really easy to tweak the Template over time & create variants. Got a folder on my audio disk named Templates and a sub-folder for each template.

Belt & Braces - I like it :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. I have been copying the template cpr file from AppData/Roaming folder and backing it up elsewhere just in case as I went along. Good to know I can just paste it back into the new Pro 9 folder.
I was hoping this was the case.

Thank you for making a Cubase newbie’s day!


All my data was recall by C9 (preferences,templates,midi devices,presets,etc).
I just installed C9,open it and then removed C8.5.

I wish mine did. It never works this way for me when I do the updates which I do whenever they are released. I have to mine through folders and copy preferences over. I It would be good to know what I did that doesn’t allow the update to see the preferences and templates automatically so I can avoid this step.

Try exporting your profile from the profile manager in V8.5, then import it into 9…

I had previously copied them from the user data folder which in windows can be found in the start menu… don’t know about macs…