Templates - Rich and Raw Text - Generate Audio CD Report


I can’t seem to find any information on this subject in the manual, project help, within this forum, or via Google. I figured it out many many many years ago, but I had a computer change since then and need to create templates.

I am currently running Wavelab 7.2.1 under OS X 10.7.5. . . started with Wavelab 1 on a PC in the 1990s. . .

Please advise where I can find the technical information on creating/maintaining Custom Templates to use when Generating Audio CD Reports, both Rich and Raw.

Thanks. . .

For Rich text, there is no customization other than checking on/off the various options, and filling custom text.
For Raw text, there is some possibility. But unfortunately, the WaveLab 7 doc has no help for this. You could whether use the WaveLab 6 doc on this topic, which has not changed. Or the WaveLab 8 doc (you can download the demo; search for the chapter “Cue-Sheet Templates”).

Thanks for the suggestion. . . I will look at the other docs for reference.

BTW and off-topic. . .it is unfortunate that Wavelab 8 requires OS X 10.8+ to run, as stated on the website. Most Pro Users in the Mac world are stuck on OS X 10.7.x due to the need to stay on ProTools 10. ProTools 11 is a no-go for most industry people already invested because: 1) Avid is not supporting the HD Cards or the 192 i/o interfaces, plus 2) Waves does not supports AAX DSP. This is the first time I have not followed along, and it looks like it will be a long time before many of us make a move, which will likely only happen once computers get fast enough that we really don’t need additional DSP. . . we are not there yet in my opinion. In short, I would gladly update to Wavelab 8, if it was qualified to work on OSX 10.7.x.


Wavelab 6 doesn’t show up in the archived versions. . . i just see up to version 4. . . . Ok, I see it now under current versions. . . wasn’t expecting that. . . got it now.

In looking at the PDF file. . . Text search does not turn up anything for “Cue-Sheet Templates”

I looked around and I am starting to remember the details such as the separate rtf files etc. . . (page 19-543). I had this all working perfectly many years ago on my PC. . . I think I purchased Wave Lab in about 1996, and did a number of updates along the way. . . Went to version 7 on the Mac. . . really too bad all this functionality did not stay around. . . This looks foreign compared to Version 7 on the Mac. . . I did put in for a trial of Wavelab 8 on OS X, not that I will run it, but hopefully the .pdf will be helpful. . . Unfortunately it looks like a waiting period for an email to show up to download, and I only had a bit of time to look at this. Oh well. . . feels like a step backward in this area. . . I will continue to do it the hard way for now (typing instead of cutting/pasting).

Still no luck on getting my hands on Wavelab 8. . . had hoped the documentation in Wavelab 8 would be more relevant for the current version, on this subject. . . Wavelab 6 docs did not help. . . Suggestions?

Still no luck on getting my hands on Wavelab 8

What do you mean? You can download a demo from Steinberg site.
You can even download the documentation alone:


I tried to download the “Trial” (right most menu item on the WaveLab Product Page), under heading:

“You are already using a WaveLab version or another product with a USB-eLicenser?

Check out the latest version of our comprehensive audio editing and mastering suite — WaveLab 8”

I was prompted for my name and email address, which I provided. . . but that was it. . . I never did receive an email or link to download.

I see it now at another place on the website under “Support”. . . but I wasn’t expecting the Trial/Demo to be in 2 places and once I saw it on the Product Page, I didn’t expect to see it under Support, etc. . . . so a bit confusing.

Thanks for the link!