Years ago, when I was a Finale user (before shifting to Sibelius), I appreciated the offer of a power user who, after having gone deeply into the art of German engravers, elaborated a sort of guide for adjusting all the features of the program and making them as close as possible to the house style of the various Barenreiter, Henle, etc.: ledger lines thickness, slurs curves, hairpins thickness, and all those details which, at the end, made the difference between the undistinguished defaults of the program and a final result that could be acceptable also to the eyes of a traditional engraver.

I believe it would be helpful to have Dorico providing such a guide since its first issue. It would spare a lot of time and effort to individual users.


The defaults for all of the line thicknesses, default spacings, tie and slur settings, etc. etc. in Dorico are carefully chosen to reflect good conventional use, often based on the recommendations of Elaine Gould in her book “Behind Bars”.

Publishers do not in general appreciate software vendors providing settings that deliberately and thoroughly hew close to their own style guide; very often their house style is part of the value proposition of their publications, and as such it is part of their intellectual property.

The control is there, obviously, to allow the look and feel of publications from the major publishing houses to be produced with Dorico, but there will be no named style sheets provided by Steinberg that allow you to instantly copy them.

If chosen according to Elaine Gould book, it will be a very good setting.



How do I change the thickness of ledger lines? Do I need to tweak them inside the Bravura font?

Best R

Look in Engraving options/Notes/(scroll down to)Ledger Lines…

Yes, I found it! I was going to delete my post but you were faster:-) Thanks anyway! :slight_smile: