I want to create my own templates, which appears in the HUB. Is this possible?

It’s not really practical at the moment, no, because there is no built-in editor for templates yet. If there are common configurations you think we’re missing, though, please let us know as it’s relatively easy for us to add new templates and we could potentially add some for the next update.

I for one would love to see a Pierrot ensemble + percussion
This ensemble is a standard in contemporary music.
Fl., Cl. Pno, Perc, Vln, Vlc.

And a standard organ template: right and left hand with brace, pedals extra

The problem with that, Michael, is that it’s not obvious which percussion instruments should be included. Is there any specific set of percussion instruments normally included in such an ensemble?

Looking good to me so far…

Template suggestions:

Jazz Orchestra: 5 Sax/ 5 Trombones/ 4 Trumpets/ 4 Rhythm

Pop/Rock Band: Lead Vocal, Harmony Vocal 1/2/3, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Keys, Bass, Drums

Thanks for all the great work, Everyone!!!