Temple blocks, 5 staved to 2 stave

Screenshot 2024-02-02 at 4.04.14 PM
Is there an easy way (since I’m only using one high and low Temple Block) to utilize two stave lines instead of 5. I do not see the option when setting up the instrument.


Hi @Dilorenzo you can edit the percussion kit and delete the temple blocks that you don’t need, and Dorico will adjust the number of lines to accommodate the remaining temple blocks. Here below visual explanation of what you may want to do. (You can delete the temple blocks in any of the three views of the Edit Percussion Kit window. And you have in Layout Options/Players/Percussion your view set to Grid, as it seems that you have now).

In 1) Setup Mode
2) click on the three dots near the instrument name
3) Choose Edit Percussion Kit
4) select the temple blocks that you don’t need (with command or control and click)
5) press the Delete icon

[Edit]: take care that deleting the instruments in the kit deletes also the music that you assigned to them, so it seems that you only used the two upper temple block of the 5: I suggest that you delete the bottom three temple blocks instead of the middle three, to be sure try it first on a copy of your project, so you don’t loose any music :wink: . Or you can move (before deleting the middle three temple blocks) all the notes of the second line to the bottom line, with select and the alt+down arrow, so you have also the correct playback, with high and low temple blocks.