Tempo adjustments don't apply to the sound, but do seem to be moving the event

Hi everyone, I’ve just installed and started to use Cubase after deciding to move up from a basic plug and play system. I’m already loving the quality of sound coming from it. One of the tracks that I previously made on the other program was intended to start at 110bpm and then by the middle of the track have it slowly increased to 130bpm. I’ve imported it as a WAV file and I’ve worked out how to add the tempo track and made the adjustments I want. I can even see the track stretch backwards and forwards as it reacts to me slowing and speeding up the track, But playback doesn’t make any audible changes to the speed of the track as I listen to it. I’ve tried analysing the tempo, changing from Linear to Musical Mode and back, moving the tempo track above and below the wav file and nothing works.
So I really need some help, but please understand I’m a pragmatist so tend to learn as I go and I’ve only just come onto this program and so don’t understand even some of what you might consider the most basic terminology :wink:

Basically, speak to me as though I’m 5 years old :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Congrats, you’ve managed to stumble into one of the most confusing things in Cubase, partially because some things have similar names that folks confuse.

Here is an explanation of how Modes & Timebase interact

Here is a video that shows you step by step how to align audio with varying tempo to a grid.