Tempo after a rallentando stays slower

If I insert a rall. without inserting a L’istesso tempo (or similar) indication at the end the tempo stays slower in the following bars.
This is not how a musician would play and is cumbersome since I can’t even hide a tempo indication without workarounds.
May this be something to review?

Welcome back to the forum! Yes, the “end speed” of a gradual tempo change applies until the next explicit tempo mark. You can input any immediate tempo and hide it, or draw in a point in the Time track in Play mode (which will be hidden in the score automatically).

I don’t think a musician would know to return to the original tempo following a rallentando or indeed an accelerando without an explicit instruction to do so, and Dorico is much the same.


I kindly disagree. I am a musician and of course I would return to the original tempo if the rallentando has a clear duration.
Anyway I will get used to this, it seems to me a bit counter-intuitive thought, even hiding the tempo marking as suggested by Lillie would have been easier having the option in write mode also.
I love Dorico but I find myself switching modes a little too much to accomplish easy visual tasks.
Anyway I thank you very much for the fast response,
have a nice day!

Well, I’m also a musician, and I’m pretty sure that in most situations I would stick my hand up to ask the person directing the ensemble what was intended after the end of the rall. But to each his or her own: in any case, Dorico needs explicit instruction (like I do :slight_smile: ).

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Seems fair :slightly_smiling_face:

You don’t have to switch modes - you can access the properties to hide tempo marks in Write mode and Engrave mode. The note at the top says “If you’re in Engrave mode, Graphic Editing is selected” because if you happen to be in Engrave mode when wanting to hide tempo marks but the last thing you did involved handling frames, you wouldn’t be able to select the tempo marks.

Ok sorry,
but I’m trying and I’m not finding any “Text shown” or “Metronome Mark Shown” indication in my property pane.
Am I doing something wrong?
Screenshot 2021-03-22 at 11.39.20

I find it only if the tempo marking is “note=tempo” but not in other tempo indications.
Which is another counter-intuitive thing in my opinion.
My case is a double tempo indication after a rall. The double tempo is not doubled from the original tempo but from the slower tempo resulting from the rall. How can this be useful?
The best solution as Lillie suggested is to change manually from Play mode

Ah yes, “L’istesso tempo” is a “reset tempo change” which doesn’t have those properties. If you input a “basic” immediate tempo change (even just the metronome mark value you want to reset to), you’ll see those properties for that.

Similarly, relative tempo changes only allow you to change the tempo as a percentage of the prevailing one.