Tempo based on Dotted Quarter


I have a piece written as dotted quarter = 50 in 6/8 time. I can change the time signature to 6/8, but if I try to change the tempo it sets it to quarter note = 50 which is much slower. Everything I’ve found online from older versions of the program said something about changing the time base in metronome setup but I can’t find that setting. Please help, this is driving me insane. This is so simple in other programs, why can’t I just tell it to see the tempo in dotted quarters instead of quarter notes…?!


Do you talk about MIDI data or Audio signal, please?

I’m not sure I do understand your description, I’m sorry.

It’s MIDI data. I wrote this originally in Sibelius and imported the MIDI into Cubase. In Sibelius I am able to specify tempo as “dotted quarter = 50” but in Cubase I cannot find a way to specify the tempo based on anything except a quarter note.

I want to know how to change what unit is a “beat” for the purposes of writing the BPM for the track.

Wouldn’t setting the tempo so that a quarter-note = 75 be the same as setting a dotted-quarter to 50?

(Or I might have the arithmetic totally backwards)

Yes, it would, but it seems really weird to have to do that at all. It’s a pretty basic musical concept to have tempos based on things that aren’t quarter notes, so I’m confused why this program doesn’t seem to support that.

I’m also trying to figure this out in 10.5, with no luck so far. I can’t believe there’s no way to do this, and yet I’m still searching.