Tempo Change After Recording Audio

Does Nuendo 6.5 have the ability to change the tempo for a project including recorded audio tracks? Midi tracks are easy, but I have never seen how to do the recorded audio. I have one song that needs to go from 125 bpm to 135 bpm Any thoughts?

Make sure musical mode is activated on the tracks and also for files in the pool then simply change the tempo and it will all follow.

thanks I will give it a try.

make sure the original tempo is listed for all files in the pool.

You may need to select the audio tracks and then go to: Menu, Audio , Advanced and click ‘set definition from tempo’. The tracks will gain a little note and wave symbol at the rhs.
I do this a lot when I record then want to add midi then decide the whole thing is too fast, too slow. You can do it with any audio once you create a click track and set the tempo from it.

Thanks -

Thanks for the input…
Selecting Musical Mode in each track plus Musial Mode for each file in the pool is the key… BUT

I did notice a really strange thing. In my pool on EVERY nuendo project I have checked so far ( I have about 1,000 projects ) in the pool there indicates the main tempo for most of the tracks, but a few have various other tempos, not the project tempo. I have not been able to account for this as I have seen it on processed vocal tracks and non processed vocal tracks, acoustic guitar tracks, lead guitar tracks etc. All these tracks were recorded by me at a fixed tempo.

If the project tempo is changed with these files in the pool, you can not listen to the playback - everything is out of sync.

Regardless of why the tempo on some files is wrong, the fix is to BOUNCE the entire audio track and remove the original file from the pool, ultimately to delete the mismatched tempo files.

Once all the files have the same tempo in the pool, set them all to Musical Mode and bang - tempo can be changed as needed.

One new issue: The Automation on any non audio track such as groups, EFX etc does / do not follow any tempo changes.

Sounds like that needs to be fixed asap.