Tempo change alignment issues

I’ve run into some unexpected behavior with tempo change markings.

In the top example, the molto rit. is aligned properly if I hide the time signature change to 4/4, but otherwise, the dots begin in the middle of the text. I tried dragging the left handle in engrave mode, but this doesn’t fix the overlap.

In the bottom example, the tempo change jumps to the right when I extend the continuation to the next tempo mark.

I believe this problem was introduced by a fix we made for immediate dynamics and gradual dynamics when one displaces the other – sorry for the inconvenience. It will be fixed in our next version.


Thank you! I wanted to post a couple other examples of this behavior just in case it’s helpful:

It seems that what’s happening is that when an object interrupts the line, it gets shortened by the same amount on the opposite side (the three highlighted objects in the upper image).

Toccata.dorico (1.7 MB)