Tempo Change during comp recording

Since I’m not a good guitarist, I would like to comp record in slower tempo and be able to speed up the tempo as I like. I’ve tried with tempo map without consistent success because not all tracks change tempo correctly. Is there a method for this. Appreciate the help.

The issue in this case is that you need to put your clips in Musical mode.
If you select an audio click you can click on the corresponding box in the info line on top and put Musical mode

So the idea is:

  • Make sure you are in the correct tempo of the song let’s say 200
  • Select the existing clips and put then in Musical model (see figure)
  • Lower your tempo to 100
  • Record your guitar
  • On your new created guitar clip put also Musical mode
  • When you are done recording put back the tempo to 200

There are also other techniques for example putting the whole track in musical mode

Once in Musical mode all the clips will follow the tempo changes so you can even make a Tempo track that slows down the speed gradually and your music will follow as well.

Thanks so much for the info. This is soooo easy and yet when you don’t know how. Again, appreciate it.

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