Tempo Changes

I changed an old project from analogue tape to Digital.

I have everything mixed and it sounds ok but I wanted to try some different drums.

I have addictive drums 2 and Steinbergs LM4

My problem is that when I initially imported the audio files into cubase I had the tempo set to 120bpm. The song is a little different maybe 123bpm. When I try to sync the drums up its out of time. I want to change my tempo without effecting the existing audio tracks. When I change the tempo to 123 some of the audio tracks are out of sync.

Is there a way of changing my tempo to 123bpm without changing the tempo of the audio tracks.

Any suggestions?

If you make the Audio tracks Linear Time Base, they won’t change with tempo. The button is one of the Track Controls in Project window

Here’s a great video to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHW-7klEwLU

She explains the terminology and shows you how you can use tempo detection to define the timebase. It uses a tempo track to reflect the variances in the tempo of the song. That now means that your ‘grid’ matches whatever your audio track timing is and you can quantize all other tracks to it (both midi AND audio). Best way to lock your bass and kick tracks to get really solid, really fast. (just be sure to check you have the right quantize value… i.e. 1/8th notes or 1/16th notes etc.)

I recommend using ONE drum overhead mic (or drum room mic) as the source track for tempo detection - it should have the captured the main transients and provides the best reference to lock everything else to.

You may want to start a new project and re-import the files, then do the tempo detection and set your grid. This would make it much easier to then use drums loops from a midi library, or to do midi detection and build a midi track of your original drum recording for drum replacement.

I struggled with doing this the wrong way for a long time. Hope the video helps you - it certainly helped me.