Tempo cnaged on Cubase Studio 4

I recently uploaded some wave files into Studio 4. The first song when played back was fine however when I uploaded the second song and played it back the tempo seemed to change and was much faster. since then every song I upload is playing at that faster speed.

Did I do something between uploads that would cause this to happen?

I played the same songs on my laptop thru Cubase LE just to check and they are all fine and play back at the correct tempo.

Any suggestions?

Bill D

This happens to me alot when dragging and dropping wave files into Cubase. Go to your pool, and find the audio file. What does it say the tempo is?

From there I might delete the file, change your project tempo, and reimport the file, watching for any differences. Also, look at the screen that appears upon importing. There is probably an option there that could help.

You sure you got the right samplerate?