"Tempo" column in Media Bay / Bulk Rename not executed

Renaming multiple entries in bulk within the tempo column of the media bay will not work under the following circumstance: When highlighting multiple rows and attempting to change all rows to one tempo (e.g. 105) the command is only processed, if there is no value in the “tempo” field among the rows selected, that already contains one or more entries with the same number (105).

Say you want to highlight and bulk change all entries in a folder and change them to tempo 105. This will work only, if all entries in the tempo field are either empty OR if the fields within the column contain entries other then 105. If there is one entry or more that already contains the same entry tempo 105, the command is not executed.

Recreate Bug / Issue:

1.) Open Media Bay
2.) Choose folder that contains samples
3.) Enter 105 in field within tempo column for one of the samples
4.) Highlight multiple rows, including the one you have just changed previously (to 105)
5.) Attempt to bulk change all to tempo 105
6.) Command not executed


When bulk selecting multiple rows and attempting to bulk change multiple fields in the “tempo” folder to a specific number / tempo, make sure you do not select an entry that already contains that same number / tempo, otherwise the bulk rename command will not execute. Either deselect the same entry, or change the entry number to any number but the target tempo prior to making the bulk change.


Cubase Pro, Version 9.5.41 Build 287
Windows 10