Tempo detect/BPM-match single audio part possible?

I’m on Cubase 8.5 but is this possible in Cubase 10?

I have a project say in tempo 90 BMP with various VST instruments. I come across a rhythmic loop on the web that I record on an audio track in the project - only it’s faster say 100 BMP.

So I want to make Cubase analyze that recording (audio part) and make it 90 BMP without messing up the rest of the project - just tempo match that loop recording.

Is this possibe?

I’ve tried with the tempo detection, but it seems to mess up everything. I also tried in the pool to change the “tempo stamp” of the recording, but it doesn’t seem to affect anything.

Any advice?

Figure out the tempo of the audio file.
In the audio pool set the tempo of that file to that tempo, and check the musical mode check box for that file.
Then it should follow what ever tempo your project is playing at.

Thanks peakae - but isn’t there a way for Cubase to automatically detect the tempo of the recording?