Tempo detect, followed by timewarp adjustments. Possible?

Hi everyone – I recently got a live tracked song that I’m editing/experimenting with.

First thing I did was detect the tempo. Bam. It lined up beautifully with a constantly fluctuating beat.

Then I thought, “Hmm, I’d like to warp some sections.” So I went into the music pool, selected all the tracks and converted them to musical mode.
Uh oh. Now all the tracks are kinda warpish, and not following the newly created tempo track, but are kinda playing off it.

I understand that the warptrack function affects the audio based on tempo-track events, but in this case the tempo track was created from the song itself, so I’m not exactly sure why it went where it did.

Anyway, wanting to eat my cake while having it. Any thoughts on where I’m coming up short? The minute I turn off musical mode, the tempos realign, but I can’t edit the warping function.

maybe you´ve forgot to set the tempo you´ve fixed, into the tempo-tab in the sample editor, and then set to musical mode. after this, you switch the time-mode in the transport-field to “fixed”, not track, and write in the tempo-information above, the tempo, you want to set, instead of the original tempo.